Godhenu Transcends Fresh Grounds In Dairy Farming

Siblings Prashant and Anant Jammi

A relatively recent venture in Dairy farming has succeeded in turning itself into a source of inspiration for the dairy sector. Godhenu Dairy Farms Pvt Ltd, which started operations towards the end of 2016, is handiwork of two siblings, who hailed from a highly educated family. They both are professionally qualified too and have experience in corporate sector. Their endeavour is aimed at providing best quality product with adequate quality checks in the end-to-end process.

The thought germinated in 2014 and it took the brothers hard field work visiting and studying dairy models that operated across the country. They travelled to dairy farms covering the length of the country from the northern state of Haryana to southern Andhra Pradesh. Their groundwork helped them plan and execute the operation of the dairy business. They received valuable inputs from dairy farmers who were already in the business for decades.


Their plan was proposed in the fall of 2015 and the presentation was made to Bank of Baroda. After subsequent approval, in February 2016, The Godhenu Dairy Farms Pvt Ltd got officially registered as a company. It took four months for the completion and commissioning of a fully automated milking and milk processing unit at the outskirts of Mumbai from the date of official registration. The dairy started operation with first batch 45 cattle brought from Haryana. Subsequently, the company focused on streamlining the farm and production before coming out with retail milk bottles in November 2016. The flow of products to retail outlets and end-consumers began with neighborhoods in Thane before gradually extending its reach to Mumbai. Unlike in the case of cooperative models that took a long time to decide on diversifying, it was almost an instant case with Godhenu to exercise the business option. They started manufacturing dairy products like Ghee, Paneer, Curd, Cheese, Bengali sweets and Mava. The move matches their reach strategy of opening a maiden retail outlet in Thane city.

Godhenu Today

Today it has turned into a family business with the women also pitching in. The entire family is proactively strengthening the forward integration of the farm. As recently as in the current month of September 2018 they have opened a café. Their cattle farm in Shahpur grew in size and is 200 strong.

They have also got down to branding with the name “Godhenu Farm Fresh” milk that is untouched, homogenized and pasteurized milk within Thane while in Mumbai it is available “Morning Delight” under a private label.

Godhenu in a short span of time established itself as a successful start-up with purity and authenticity of their farm fresh untouched milk. Today the dairy plays the role of a wholesale milk supplier to large domestic brands that aims to manufacture products that offer quality and taste.

Specifically in categories like sweets, exotic cheese and food chains in Mumbai. Their farm is currently producing around 1400 liters of milk every day but even falling short in catering to the demand.


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