Woman Entrepreneur Amrita Kumari Empowers Rural Women In Odisha

Amrita Kumari

What Makes Diya Dairy Milk so Good?

  • It has higher nutritional value. Our milk is pure and fresh, that means when it is served the nutritional integrity stays intact.
  • It is untouched by human hands. It uses an automatic bio-secure parlour ensuring ultimate hygienic milking conditions.
  • We don’t use any artificial flavoring. Our milk tastes natural.
  • Purity is 100% assured for all our products.
  • We follow ethically correct methods of maintaining and treating livestock

Amrita Kumari, a woman entrepreneur in the rural settings of Odisha state, is responsible for the phenomenal success of Diya Farms which has affected a sea-transformation in milk production from scarcity to surplus. Today, Diya Farms is on the fast-track mode in its growth trajectory changing the lives of the farmers and rural women in its horizon. The acceleration that is taking place in Diya Farm is the result of adopting some of the most advanced Dairy Farming techniques and technologies customized for Indian conditions.

Diya Farms started its journey seven years ago in the backdrop of Odisha being the lowest milk producing state in the country and milk yields hitting rock bottom. They decided to change Odisha’s image and setup a revolutionary model of a farm providing world-classcare to its cows and providing farm-fresh milk to its customers. Diya Farms, today, is probably the only institutional dairy farm which provides the farm-fresh milk to its customers in the state of Odisha. The milk yield of the cows is one of the best in the country.

This is a big achievement considering that there is no precedence of such a model of dairy in the state. The management is focused on cow-care and insistent on adoption and implementation of the best technologies for cow comfort and milk extraction and processing. This has resulted in milk of Diya Farms being untouched by hand and customers getting farm-fresh milk (within 24 hours of milking the cows) on their table.

Diya Farms, officially christened as Diya Dairy and Agro-processor Private Limited (DDAPL), has recently installed Rapid-Exit Milking Parlour for efficient extraction of milk from the cows. This is probably the largest and the most technologically advanced milking parlour in Eastern India.

The company was established at the onset of the current decade on July 25, 2011 at Rajgangpur in the Sundargarh district of Odisha. Today, it boasts of a state-of-the-art modern and automated cow farm at Sahajbahal in the Bargaon Block of Sundargarh District. Amrita Kumari is the driving force behind the success of Diya Farms with support of  Livinus Kindo who is the co-promoter. Their keen interest and pro-active initiatives has succeeded in establishing a sustainable dairy venture besides creating career opportunities in the agro-based sector in Sundargarh.

Kindo’s role in the company after his retirement from Civil Services was instrumental to the upliftment of the tribal men and women in the villages of Odisha. Today, due to the operations of Diya Farms, the tribal population of Odisha, now have various options to earn their livelihoods which include remunerative dairy, agriculture, poultry and goat rearing. The impact on the local population is so profound that it has resulted in reverse migration. Local people have come back from Gujarat, Delhi and other states as they are finding local earning options more attractive and remunerative. In many villages, some farmers have increased their incomes by more than three times in past three years.

In the process, Diya Farms has gained the status of a brand that provides fresh, healthy and safe foods. The company is currently operating a hi-tech integrated cow farm that has an automated milking parlour facility. The milk is processed and packaged right at the farm itself. The Farm site is a 19 acre plot situated amidst lush forest greenery. The farm has a 700 strong CB Holstein Friesian cow presence with an ambiance that promotes healthy living conditions for the animals besides providing them with quality cattle feed. The operating conditions are also monitored by in-house livestock inspectors and highly qualified veterinary doctors.

At present, 800 farmers are engaged in Diya Dairy’s remunerative alternative and has potential to change the lives of people in rural Odisha. They supply good quality maize fodder called Silage to Diya farms at pre-arranged rates. A registered Farmers Producer Organization has been set up to catalyze things further. At present, Diya has 700 cows segregated in clusters of 50 on basis of their milking and pregnancy cycle.

The current production milk figures stand at 1,200 tonnes annually. The processing and packaging is done at the farm itself under hygienic conditions that prevents any source of contamination. The concept of Pure and Natural Whole Milk is finding lots of takers. Currently, Diya Farms milk is available in Rourkela, Sundargarh, and Jharsuguda in the Sundergarh district of Northern Odisha.

The range of products that have come out apart from cow milk are Diya Dairy Dahi, Lassi, Paneer, and Ghee. Golden Coloured Diya Farms Ghee is prepared in the most traditional way. The aroma is divine, and the ghee appeals straight to the heart.

A rich source of Vitamin A, this super-food has been used since ancient times. Diya Dairy Ghee is strictly made from Cow’s milk, that pertains a positive effect on body and mind.


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