Korea-India Partner To Foster Entrepreneurship In MSME Sector

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Korean small and medium sized businesses are slated to receive a major impetus to make their foray into Indian markets according to an announcement made at the inauguration of the Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center that was facilitated by the Korea-India Business Center at a celebratory function held in Gurgaon.

Seoul Mayor Park Woo-Soon spoke on the occasion in his address in the presence of a joint Korean-Indian business delegation. He sounded a reassuring note for the evening referring to the longstanding presence of major Korean companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai. He said, “Moving ahead, the level of presence and success attained by such major players in India should also extend to the small and medium sized enterprises from Korea. He described the Indian market as a bright spot in the global economy, holding the promise of becoming the Next China.

The KIBC CEO Lee Yang Koo, endorsed the positive sentiments stating “The opportunities created by the recently set up Center will enable young Korean entrepreneurs to not only learn the Indian market but also to attain a high degree of regional expertise. The knowledge pool that has been already shared by the long existing Korean companies in India can be put to good use by the new Korean entrepreneurs to make their ventures successful.” Averring their intentions to operate the center in a very proactive manner, Koo also sought cooperation and assistance from the local government.


Sanjay Singhvi: Investment Advisor

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